Feeders, Rotary Airlocks & Diverters

Airlocks / Valves / Switch Gates / Feeders / Double Dump Valves / Process Equipment Feeders

Round & Square Flanged Cyclone or Filter Valve

Heavy Duty Outboard Bearing Combination

Square & round inlet/outlet

Pellet/Granular Rotary Airlock Feeder

Round or square; All sizes available

Blow-Thru Rotary Airlocks

All sizes available

Off-set Inlet/Outlet Rotary Airlock

Mounted on base with pneumatic discharge-T

Fabricated Flexible Tip Rotary Airlocks

Round Flanged Gravity Flap Valve

All sizes available

Square Flanged Gravity Flap Valve

All sizes available

Manual Iris Valves

All sizes available

Electric/Hydraulic Iris Valves

Disc Valves

All sizes available

Slide Valves

All sizes available

Screw Feeders

All capacities and product types available

Staggered Hammermill Pocket Feeders

All mill types and brands with magnetic options

Flap Type Diverter Valve

Fill & Vent Valve

Plug Type Diverter

Tube Type Diverter

Multi-Port Diverter Valve

Screener Feeder

Controls feed rate to improve efficiencies for process equipment; 4' to 11' widths available

Quick Rotor Removal Rotary Airlock Feeder

Easy maintenance and service

Rail Supported Quick Disconnect Rotary Airlocks

Food grade and 3A dairy available

Plug Valves

Ceneter Opening Rotary Slide Valve

Dome Valve

Small Sanitary Valves

Specifically for use in food and pharmaceutical industries