Size Separation Equipment

Screening / Sizing / Classifying / Cleaning / Conditioning / Destoning / Sifting / Density Separation / Scalping / Sorting

Round Separator

A universal separator with up to 4 size separations

Self Contained Air Classifier

Side Draft Air Classifier


Low cost method of removing light density materials from heavy density materials

Lab Classifier

A fool-proof way of checking efficiencies or scale up for selecting process screeners

Disc Screen

High capacity scalping with materials of a wide range of feed stock

Gravity Table

Separation done by density of product

Destoner Model G-2

Destoner P Series

Separation of two densities (heavies and lights)

Density Separator

3A Dairy Approved Rotary Filter

Liquid and solid separation for the diary industry, red meat-poultry, fruits and vegetables, oils, and citrus industries

Mini Rotary Sifter

1 and 2 deck screens available

Rotary Sifter

1, 2, 3 and 4 deck screeners available in all sizes

Multi-Deck Rotary Sifter

12 screening surfaces with two to three separations

Dual Flow Screener

Designed for double the length of a normal screener for ultra high efficiencies

Chip Screener

Centrfugal Sifter / Rotary Sifter/Scalper

5 times the capacity with similar screen area